Handwriting and Documents
Hayward Associates can assist you in cases involving handwriting and questioned documents by, for example:
  • Determining authorship of handwriting or signatures by comparing questioned text with known writings
  • Indicating whether simulation (copying) of handwriting has occurred
  • Showing whether or not questioned printed text, or a photocopy, was produced on a particular machine
  • Deciphering handwritten or printed altered entries
  • Examining wholly or partially counterfeited documents
  • Identifying differences in inks and papers within a document which might indicate substitution or alteration
  • Enhancing indented impressions of handwriting to provide information and sequencing of writing
  • Assessing evidence provided by the Defence or Prosecution
  • Evaluating and interpreting Prosecution statements
  • Preparation of single joint expert reports
  • Assistance in Civil matters
  • Passports

Hayward Associates (Forensic Science) LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership registered in England and Wales.
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