Fire Investigation
Hayward Associates can provide assistance in cases involving examinations relating to fire investigation including:

Scene Examination
  • Location of the seat of the fire
  • Determination of the cause and progress of the fire
  • Evidence of the use of fire accelerants to assist the spread of the fire
  • Evidence of explosions occurring at the start of, or during the course of, the fire
  • Evidence of damage or intruders prior to the fire
  • Examination for the presence or absence of materials which should have been present during the fire
Other Related Issues
  • Examination of fire damaged appliances to determine whether they were damaged in the fire or could have caused the fire
  • Examination of fire damaged vehicles or premises on behalf of insurance companies to establish whether a fault could have caused the fire
  • Assessment of evidence provided by the Prosecution
  • Assessment of evidence provided by the defendant
  • Examination of clothing from individuals thought to have been associated with a fire
  • Provision of background information on fires and fire related matters

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