Alcohol Related Issues, Including Technical Defence
Hayward Associates can provide assistance in cases of alcohol related issues which may require consideration of:
  • Drink driving matters
  • Pre-incident alcohol consumption
  • Post-incident alcohol consumption
  • Alcohol level when next intending to drive (statutory defence)
  • “Laced” or “spiked” drinks
  • Examination of bottles/glasses to determine quantity of alcohol consumed
  • Effects of medication
  • Possible interaction of drugs/medication and alcohol
  • Effects of mouth alcohol
  • Operation of the breath testing instruments
  • The determination of alcohol elimination rates
Other matters involving alcohol
  • Alcohol consumption and the ability to form the intent to commit a criminal offence
  • Likely alcohol concentration at the time of a criminal offence
  • Comment on evidence provided by the Prosecution or the defendant
Please download our Alcohol Pro Forma to assist you in collecting and collating the necessary information for use in alcohol technical defence cases

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